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April 2018

april 2018 org.jpg

3 Valuable Tips for Hanging Art

3 valuable tips for arranging art work on your walls. Often I get asked to help my clients hang their art or arrange their collectables in their home.

First tip is to gather all the art into 1 room and begin to organize by size, subject or genre. This can take some time and is most important before anyone swings a hammer to nail!

After you have made these select piles and you may mix all three ways just so you have separation. If you have sculpture pieces depending on the size or number you may need to make a special grouping for oversize or one-of-a-kinds.

Now looking at your piles, the 2nd tip is to assign them to either a room or space that identifies with the furnishings or purpose of that room. For instance, if you have a room with a black and white color scheme you may want to use only black and white style art in that room. Or you may have a room with not a lot of color so choosing a grouping with lots of fun colors may really work nicely if the frames or pieces are not too heavy. If a room with neutral colors can be thrown off balance if the colors are too strong and the frames too heavy to hold the room or space together. In this case I would opt for colors that may be muted or pastel to go with the neutral furnishings in that room.

Tip 3 - Now that you have placed a grouping in the room or space : say you have 8 pieces of all different styles but the same subject as we mentioned above, you take the largest piece and lay it on the floor in front of the wall you are using. Then take the next few pieces say they are pair just smaller lay them next to the large piece and space them out using the middle of the large piece and do not let them exceed either the horizontal or vertical dimension of the large piece to find their final location.

Each time you lay down a piece and review if you like your arrangement be sure to take a photo of the layout recording it for hanging. Continue with the other pieces in the grouping placing them around the largest piece and relating them each piece you continue to place. This will create an interesting dialogue of your art and show you where it will fit best on your wall. If you have furniture on that wall it will also guide you with the starting heights. Many homeowners hang their art too high so keep in mind 60” above the floor onto the wall is the common site line dimension we use in the industry.

Using these 3 valuable tips for arranging art work on your walls can make it a fun activity! However, you need our help to solidify a special arrangement for your artwork call and make an appointment with us,  Worthington Interior Design 617-633-3005, we’d love to hang with you!

Happy Spring!

 See you next month.

March 2018

March sqs.jpg

                               3 Versatile Appliance Products for your Home


As Interior Designers we are always looking for versatile appliance products to offer our clients solve a whole host of space and design dilemmas.

Hopefully you’re getting excited about the spring  weather coming soon!  So after some thought and some recent projects, the topic of versatile appliances seemed to resonate as entertaining, doing less house work and having more fun outside is the order of the day!

The first versatile appliance product for many our clients to consider is under-counter washers and dryers from Miele.  You may need to gain more space near the back door or mudroom or even laundry on the 2nd floor all while having your space still looking fresh and modern. I bet you have seen these units in European homes. They actually install them in their kitchens!  Solving clients design dilemmas with laundry rooms and basements; these versatile appliance products check every box especially when it comes to our beloved mudrooms in New England! Take a look at these quiet and efficient washers and dryers for any of your space saving needs.

Our 2nd versatile appliance product is from Uline and Marvel.  Try the dual under-counter wine and beverage refrigerators.  The Uline 3000 makes a wonderfully designed product that can alleviate the headaches of storing drinks and taking up precious space and real estate in your main refrigerator. The Marvel line has a back light color and they each have some nifty options. You can even spread them apart in your kitchen if they work better with your room layout. Having these appliance products means your kids can get to their juice or other drinks by themselves at their level. You can lock a side if you want to store alcoholic beverages. You can otherwise stock these fridges with all the mixers, lemons and limes for your adult beverages; keeping them all in one place. You will be amazed how much space you regain in your main refrigerator and how a simple appliance product for your home can make your life easier!

And third and last versatile appliance for your home is a built-in coffee system.   Miele makes a wonderful system that can be built-in to your cabinetry which immediately helps to keep your kitchen counters clutter free. It pays for itself within a year and you can have gourmet coffee right in your own home without taking up counter-top  real estate. Have a party and it’s easy to offer coffee at the end of a meal without having to count people before you make a pot. Miele’s ease of use coffee system makes a cup of java well worth having it at home!

Give us a call at Worthington Interior Design and let's make your house a home 617-633-3005!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and spring is on its way!

See you next month.

February 2018

February 2018 Blog.jpg

3 Tips for Selecting Interior Colors

3 Tips for selecting interior colors for your home to steer clear of mistakes or repainting and blowing your budget.

First it’s good to take inventory of what furniture you have and are keeping. This includes the color of the wood, materials or fabrics you will be using in each room. Are the materials a cool palate or a warm palate? For instance if you have predominately cool colors you want to select a complimenting neutral color to enhance the room. If all your furnishings are neutral and bland you may want to liven them up with a crisp white so you won’t be overwhelmed with color. But if you like color our next recommendation is to …

Pay attention to your existing type of lighting as well as how the light comes in your windows or if you have no windows in those rooms.

Regarding the lighting- do you have a solo center fixture, lamps, sconces or recessed fixtures? All of these types of lighting affect the colors you choose. If you have lots of window light know that a strong color will lighten on the wall at the height of the day and as the day is done it will become more intense. So if you are trying to achieve a cozy room a dark tone color may work for your space.

And lastly study the floor treatments and ceilings in each room or space. Wood floors light or dark can have an effect on your color palate. Stone or tile also will also affect the colors you choose because natural or man-made tile happen to react to colors because of their inconsistency especially in a natural product and the man-made product is often trying to emulate the natural product.  Both can be difficult to match colors against especially if you want a neutral color palate. 

What are the current ceilings treatment(s) you are working with to choose a color palate for the walls? Do you have ceiling a swirled finish, a drywall finish, beams across the ceiling to name a few or do you have an architectural feature like a coffer or cathedral ceiling? When working with existing conditions, providing you are not embarking on a full renovation, still need to play a role when you select new colors for your home. 

So live with samples of your selections so you can see them during different times of the day. And if you want to achieve a simpatico relationship from room to room when it comes to color consider these 3 tips for selecting interior colors for your home.  

You may always give us a call at Worthington Interior Design for a color consult to help!

Happy Valentine’s Day and may your month be filled with lots of reds and pinks!

See you next month.

January 2018

Jan 2018 jpg.jpg

These Design Trends Could Sabotage Your Sleep

Metallic finishes, retro dressers, and all-white color schemes are bedroom trends have a powerful impact but these design trends could sabotage your sleep. We’ve put together a list of the top trends getting in the way of the restful shut-eye you need to be at your best.

Multi-Functional Spaces

While we are all for multi-functional kitchens, living rooms, and dens, when it comes to the bedroom, this is one design trend you should avoid. Your body, the brain, in particular, responds to outside stimuli in interesting ways. Let’s say you create an office space in your bedroom. While it might be the best use of space, it could lead to sleepless nights because your brain may still focus on work because that’s what it’s used to doing in that space.

If you have extra space in the bedroom, use it to create an area that contributes to a good night’s rest. A comfortable chair for reading, a yoga mat in the corner for a few bedtime stretches to relax the mind and body, or an en suite bathroom where you can take a warm bath can all contribute to a bedtime routine that prepares you for better sleep.

Color Scheme

Bright colors send your brain the “awake” signal and can keep you up at night. It’s not surprising to learn that colors associated with relaxation like subdued blues and greens often contribute to better and longer sleep. Be judicious with reds and other intense colors they can keep you awake. The eyes are sensitive organs that send constant signals to the brain.

If blue and greens just don’t work for you, cool, neutral colors that cause the heart rate to drop and don’t over stimulate the brain can have a similar calming effect. Think beige and cool greys for the ultimate in neutral relaxers For those who just want a touch of color, light yellow with its cozy, happy feel can also work well in a bedroom.

Your Bed

The minimalist trend puts mattresses just above the floor, but without the right support beneath it, a mattress can sag and cause back pain. Even if the pain isn’t enough to fully wake you, aches and stiffness from an unsupportive mattress can keep you from entering the deep sleep you need for complete rejuvenation. Box springs or other foundations are a great way to prolong the life of your mattress and give your back a break. If you still want that low, minimalist look, try a low profile box spring with a shallow depth of four inches. That keeps you close to the ground but offers the support you need.  

Add a Ceiling Fan

If your bedroom doesn’t have a fan, you might want to consider one. A light may look sleek and modern, but ceiling fans can help you control the room temperature. Keeping the room at a cool 60-68 degrees helps your body stay at a lower temperature, which contributes to better sleep. Remember to run your fan in reverse or counterclockwise to ventilate the heat that rises and run your fan clockwise in spring and summer weather.

Ceiling fans also create white noise to relax the mind and reduce distracting outside noises.

If you’re picturing your grandma’s old brass accented fan, take a look at the latest fans on the market. There are now designs that range from minimalist to contemporary and modern that give you the benefits of a fan without the eyesore you may remember from when you were a kid.

Get your Z’s and see you next month. Happy New Year!


December 2017


Thank you all for participating in our Gratitude and Giving Back last month.  This past November  was  a record sign- up with our WBespokeSpace Room Design offer!!

Thought we would keep this month short and sweet.

Worthington Interior Design

sends everyone our

Best Wishes for a  Wonderful  Holiday  Season with Family and Friends !

We look forward to working with you in 2018

bringing our design talent to more of you, helping you to make your house a home.

November 2017

november 2017.jpg

Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace

For our Gratitude and Giving Back with WBespokeSpace this November we’re rolling out Room selection design with WBespokeSpace Room Design. You share some of the tasks working together on the room of your choice (see below) offered with a half-priced design fee.

November truly marks a time in everyone’s life to embrace both gratitude and giving back as the holiday of Thanksgiving approaches. Reflecting on both of these topics we can do many things to give back: contribute to a charity, volunteer time and donate to name a few.

We all know practicing gratefulness daily is a good habit, but sometimes it can escape us for various reasons. How does this relate to the field of Interior Design you may ask?

Well, Worthington’s design philosophy is to listen to your wishes, needs and wants to formulate a workable design solution executing in a timely fashion within budget for maximum results. Essentially creating a beautiful and functional home environment aligning with your lifestyle is our way of giving back. 

Each time Worthington Interior Design, begins a new project we are always grateful and happy to bring timeless design solutions to our clients. Moreover, customer service and good communication are paramount for successful design projects. Whether working on commercial projects or hospitality (i.e. restaurant) projects the design experience should be enjoyable for all clients.

In summary, this is how the GGB program 2017 will work: Please email us with your Room selection before November 30, 2017. Let us know a good time to reach you and your phone number. We serve all the Northshore of Massachusetts, Portsmouth & Rye areas of  NH, Kittery & York, Maine and the surrounding areas. We shall contact you to review your request and forward our WBespokeSpace Questionnaire.

 Briefly this is HOW IT WORKS:WBespokeSpace works after you fill out our Questionnaire:


Choose from our Menu which room(s) you would like to have done:

How it worksf.png


Our GGB 2017 special program sign up is through November 30, 2017. Most projects have a time frame of 6-8 weeks to complete. Thank you and looking forward to working with you.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.




October 2017

3 Really Cool Coffee Tables to Update Your ‘End Zone’

So as we watch weekend football and enjoy libations and snacks I thought you might like to see some really cool coffee tables to update your own ‘end zone’!

Okay just as we think we’re going to spend more time inside Mother Nature keeps gracing us with summertime weather Worthington Interior Design’s has been busy cultivating new furniture selections for our clients.

Our first really cool coffee table to update your end zone is from OKA.  The Trifoglio coffee table is 38” square made of wood with a rustic lace design known as trefoil, a classic architectural design that can make your space either casual or formal. The size is really great because it’s slightly bigger than 3’ and not too large to gather around with drinks and game day refreshments.

From this we come to the rectangular  Lantau faux shagreen with gold accents coffee table. This table measure 47’ x 20” which works great in living rooms and open floor plans. The Lantau collection works with many styles of furniture so you can add some glamour without changing all the furniture in your room. The collection brings in the new trend of gold and brass we are seeing. In fact this is gilded gold leaf on the frame of this really cool  coffee table! OKA says the Lantau Effortlessly elegant and deliciously opulent.”

Finding a coffee table that adds a cool factor yet is functional and wont date itself can be challenging but we at Worthington Interior Design have many, many sources to find you the best piece at a great price!

Sometimes you need a square, sometimes you need a rectangle and sometimes you need round style coffee tables. Now we are seeing many with tufted fabric tops more like an ottoman but you know placing a drink on a tray on these style pieces can be challenging, so we will work with you to find the best investment coffee table.

Our third winner is from Room and Board. We love the Gibson a mid-century style cocktail table measuring approx.. 53” x 36”.

 “Durable solid wood is transformed into the light, fluid profile of our Gibson cocktail table through the skill of West Virginia woodworkers. Softly beveled edges, turned legs and unique contours contribute to this table’s mid-century elegance.” Many of us have combined our living room or family room spaces and this table offers the table surface without the heavy look of furniture. Perhaps you have a view from your family room or living room and this table anchors the room without weighing it down. I love mid-century style pieces mixed with Bohème or Traditional style furniture for an eclectic look. It is both elegant and functional. Designing your own space with some unusual materials makes everything really warm and cozy.

You really can make any aspect of your home your very own ‘end zone.’ We would love to work with you on any project you have small or large. Making your house your home is what we do best.

Enjoy Mother Nature’s gift a while longer and check out these 3 really cool  coffee tables to update your end zone from OKA or Room and Board.  Give us a call Worthington Interior Design  to discuss your design project.        

                                                         See you next month.


September 2017

Sept 2017fi.jpg

3 Stylish Beds for Kids to Hit the Hay ... after Hitting the Books

You must have a look at these 3 stylish beds for kids to hit the hay after hitting the books!

This time of year everyone can use a little refresh in their kid’s bedrooms. These bed styles will endure for a while since each bed style we have chosen has a timeless design. With all the websites offering children’s furniture; it’s Worthington Interior Design’s keen eye for design sourcing these treasures for your home.

While the the bunk style is chic it’s also convertible. Many shy away from bunk beds because they can look cheap but our selection here is not. Our twin bed picks are colorful and refined which transcend into high school and beyond.

Modway’s Phoebe has a sophisticated look complete with nail heads and tapered legs. Like we mentioned it can take your kids bedroom from middle school to becoming a senior’s hideaway! Your kids can choose from bright red, navy or even shocking yellow fabrics. I love the sensibility of design this bed offers. 

The Austin bunk bed looks more like a genuine Frank Lloyd Wright or Richard Neutra mid-century modern furniture design. This bunk offers accessories to customize your child’s bed. “Perfect for sleepovers or inseparable siblings, the austin bunk bed can be ordered as a split bunk bed for when the kids outgrow their shared space. Customize the bunk with cubbies on either side for more storage.” 

Once you decide on a style Worthington will help you with paint colors and bedding to complete your children’s look and declare their bedroom a cool place to hit the hay after hitting the books.

After a great summer it’s sometimes hard to reel everyone into a routine of studying and going to bed early; so adding a new fresh look can help everyone to get back into the swing of things. Studying can go from a chore to a happy place in your children’s bedrooms when you hit the refresh button.

Okay this brings us to saving the best for last with the Parker. I’ve presented it in this Kelly green color even though it comes in a few other colors, because it’s crisp and fun! Love the green wood stain and the styling is great.

So there you have it, 3 stylish beds for kids to hit the hay after hitting the books!

Enjoy autumn and the cooler temps and give us a call at Worthington Interior Design to help you refresh and make your home cooler too!

See you next month.

August 2017

 5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading

Try these 5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading! Summer is always a great time to catch a Nap so why not try one of these cool sofas.

The first sofa is the Sandra Napper Chaise. The name says super comfy and try placing it in an open loft space, alcove or  in front of a fireplace. It’s an all-around cool and chic sofa!

Use a bright or neutral colored linen fabric and pair it with a light weight Brahms or Matouk coverlet.  Reading in the Sandra Napper Chaise will soon have you dozing!

Our second style sofa from Duralee is the Columbia collection in either a sectional with 2 chaises or a simple sofa. The low arm offers a comfortable angle for your pillow and head. Worthington would love to help you choose a standard fabric and voilà you have your very own cozy nest on a summer afternoon.

Thirdly, we cannot forget to mention the many styles of the famed English furniture line, George Smith. Their soft seating collections are dreamy and last forever!  It’s like the ole boxy 850 Volvo wagon that you hand down to your college age children. George Smith has classic style is timeless. From their  Standard Collection  we recommend the Classic Sofa or chaise. They have the stylish wheel foot and look fabulous in any fabric! Or venture out and use George Smith’s signature “Dog Kennel Chaise.” Once you have a George Smith piece you know true comfort!

Our fourth best sofa for napping, lounging and reading is the Frank sofa by Mattaliano. Contact us to have a lounge on this amazing sofa in the showroom.  This sofa has wide and low arms where you can comfortably perch or lounge! In a  rich colored leather or a durable fabric you cannot go wrong with this fabulous sofa!

And lastly, we round out our fifth best sofa from the ICON Group, Anees-Main Street Sofa. Just sitting on this sofa in the showroom you want to fall asleep!  This is an investment piece you will love forever! Its depth and length accommodate all body types. The arm’s height and width are perfect!

Our seasoned Interior Design experience has enabled us to guide our clients to invest in great furniture pieces that give years of flexibility and enjoyment. Make an appointment with Worthington Interior Design to order your next great investment piece.

While away summertime with one of our 5 best sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading!




July 2017

IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK, they’d say Wallpaper is back!

If these walls could talk they’d say Wallpaper is back! Coming from Europe on the decorating scene in the past 2 years has been floral wallpapers and handmade “de Gournay” wallpapers panels.  And you know there are some very pretty florals that look updated and fresh. SO before you wrinkle your nose let me give you a few places to look for fresh floral wallpapers and how to use them.

Newburyport is known for its maritime look and feel but you can bring some eclectic wallpaper into your home, think of it as letting the garden come inside! Now if you have a finished 3rd floor or attic space that you have made into a guest room go all out like the English and use the wallpaper on the ceilings and walls. It’s okay! Choose English UK wallpapers- Colefax and Fowler or Designer’s Guild or just stay state-side and look at Schumacher wallpapers.

You still don’t believe that wallpaper is back?  Another idea a little more contemporary is to try oversized geometric wallpaper on 1 wall in your foyer, up one side of your stairway or even in your powder room. Many of the geometric wallpapers have pure color which enhances your furniture or bathroom vanity. If you use the wallpaper with a strong pattern in a controlled amount you will not get tired of it and you will find you can skip the artwork and highlight the space with the type and style of light fixture.

Think about your Northshore, Newburyport home just a little bit differently and use wallpaper in a pure color against a white backdrop. You will see how much you will love the change!  Your room becomes a new space in your home. Want a great fresh color look at Thibaut wallpapers or step it up a notch with Quadrille’s vast collection of unique style wallpapers!

Many of you are minimalists and would prefer no wallpapers; but I beg to differ on this with you because you may want to look at Phillip Jefferies absolutely Amazing collections of grasscloth wallpapers. They even have some with overlay geometrics, like the Greek key or oriental style design. Using one of PJ papers will warm the space and hanging paper on 1 wall can make a huge statement.  Cowtan and Tout and Kenneth James  have been experimenting with a marbleized or agate style wallpaper that I simply love for both traditional and contemporary spaces. The colors are warm greys, soft neutrals and even a neutral pink that can work with many shades of colors, like navy, charcoal, or rich browns.

Worthington will meet and work with you at your residence to identify where your “if these walls could talk, they’d say Wallpaper is back” in your home! We have so many wallpaper options to show you, whether wallpapering a simple wall, room or ceiling in your Newburyport or Northshore home Worthington will create just the right touch!      

                                                                                       “To Define is to Limit.” -                                                                                                                                Oscar Wilde


Have a Happy 4th of July and see you in August.


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