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August 2017

 5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading

Try these 5 Best Sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading! Summer is always a great time to catch a Nap so why not try one of these cool sofas.

The first sofa is the Sandra Napper Chaise. The name says super comfy and try placing it in an open loft space, alcove or  in front of a fireplace. It’s an all-around cool and chic sofa!

Use a bright or neutral colored linen fabric and pair it with a light weight Brahms or Matouk coverlet.  Reading in the Sandra Napper Chaise will soon have you dozing!

Our second style sofa from Duralee is the Columbia collection in either a sectional with 2 chaises or a simple sofa. The low arm offers a comfortable angle for your pillow and head. Worthington would love to help you choose a standard fabric and voilà you have your very own cozy nest on a summer afternoon.

Thirdly, we cannot forget to mention the many styles of the famed English furniture line, George Smith. Their soft seating collections are dreamy and last forever!  It’s like the ole boxy 850 Volvo wagon that you hand down to your college age children. George Smith has classic style is timeless. From their  Standard Collection  we recommend the Classic Sofa or chaise. They have the stylish wheel foot and look fabulous in any fabric! Or venture out and use George Smith’s signature “Dog Kennel Chaise.” Once you have a George Smith piece you know true comfort!

Our fourth best sofa for napping, lounging and reading is the Frank sofa by Mattaliano. Contact us to have a lounge on this amazing sofa in the showroom.  This sofa has wide and low arms where you can comfortably perch or lounge! In a  rich colored leather or a durable fabric you cannot go wrong with this fabulous sofa!

And lastly, we round out our fifth best sofa from the ICON Group, Anees-Main Street Sofa. Just sitting on this sofa in the showroom you want to fall asleep!  This is an investment piece you will love forever! Its depth and length accommodate all body types. The arm’s height and width are perfect!

Our seasoned Interior Design experience has enabled us to guide our clients to invest in great furniture pieces that give years of flexibility and enjoyment. Make an appointment with Worthington Interior Design to order your next great investment piece.

While away summertime with one of our 5 best sofas for Napping, Lounging and Reading!




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